Yes, I am one of those people. I was in it for the commercials. Though I saw a couple of plays like the touchdown by Foles right before halftime, my focus was between the plays.

During the last minute, however, I tuned back in to see which way the game would go. Then came the best part of the game. That’s right, the best part wasn’t the game, the commercials, or the halftime show. As the Vince Lombardi trophy was presented, player after player leveraged perhaps the greatest claim to fame they will have in their lifetimes to glorify God. When the attention of the world spotlighted the Eagles, several Eagles spotlighted their Savior.

I awoke still thinking about their actions. When I open the Word, I find-

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

That’s what Nick Foles and his fellow Eagles did. They played football with everything they had in them. They lifted weights, practiced, and memorized plays. They played with all their might. Then in the height of their glory glorified God.

What a beautiful lesson for us all as we mix Solomon’s words with the example of the Eagles. Today I have the honor of interacting with a few hundred teenagers. Will I serve with all my might?

Perhaps others are headed to the office, serving their country, or staying at home to raise children. The ‘whatever your hand finds’ may vary greatly from person to person but the question remains the same- will we do it with all our might?

We don’t need a super bowl ring to honor God and bring Him glory. Everyday we bring our best to the table and give our all with a good attitude and a servant’s heart brings glory to God. We may stand before a handful of people rather than millions yet we still have the choice to promote ourselves or glorify God. How will we leverage our opportunities today?

Lord, I was created to worship You. My worship includes praise on Sunday mornings but it is so much more! I worship You with my attitude and efforts daily. Thank you for the many opportunities you will provide for me today to serve others and point to You. Help me to more faithfully leverage my days for your glory. Amen

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