Lesson fron Barney Fife

While sitting in a restaurant eating pizza last night, my attention was grabbed by one particular TV out of the many mounted around the room. On the screen Andy and Barney were struggling to solve a problem with their girlfriends. Reading the dialogue as the sound was muted, I felt something click into place. Don Knotts was not a particularly handsome man yet despite his looks Don was loved far and wide for his portrayal of Barney Fife and other comical roles. He was loved not for how he looked but for how he made people feel.

God reached down and turned on a light bulb in my head. I struggle to meet personal goals of perfection- physically, in relationships, at my job, and in my home.

But mostly it is physical. I never feel I measure up to this impossible standard I have in my head. I’ve struggled for years and I know I am too consumed with this pursuit. Thank God he doesn’t give up on me but keeps working to help me.

Last night was like a bolt of truth to the heart! My goal should be not on the physical but on how I make people feel, how I love them.

Lord, thank you for continually working on and in me. Thank you for opening my eyes to truth whether be it through the Word or through good ole Barney Fife! I am so blessed by you. Help me to love others today as they need to be loved by You. Amen

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