Have we left Jesus behind?

Our high school marching band advances to state semi-finals Saturday morn and I’m so excited for in their number is my favorite 16 year old sax player! Monday evening parents met to finalize plans and someone shared the predicted performance time temp is 39! Burr! Last Saturday at Regionals, it was over 80! We decided to get ‘hot hands’ for the band members to put in their gloves. On my list, I wrote down to search for the box I already had at home… somewhere.

Tuesday night the search began. Unfortunately, the search has been unfruitful for the box of ‘hot hands’ is lost. I didn’t even know it was lost until I began looking. I fear soon I will need to abandon the quest and go buy more.

My search for that box reminds me of a story of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. Every year this little family would journey to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. The year Jesus was 12 began like any other until it was time to go home. Mary & Joseph started back in their company of friends and family believing Jesus to be with them. After a day of travel, they realized he was not so they rushed back to Jerusalem in a panic (now that isn’t in the Bible but from one mother’s heart to another). THREE days later, they found him in the temple talking to the teachers of the law.

Three points of this story are worth noting since we can apply them to our lives today-

  • Mary & Joseph lost Jesus but didn’t know it
  • They were still in a relationship with Jesus even though they had momentarily lost him
  • They lost him at a religious event

I wonder how often we walk in the shoes of Mary & Joseph. We lose touch with Jesus and don’t even notice it. I’m not saying we outright deny him or become unbelievers but rather we get busy traveling down the road to school, work, family time, social media, practice, and so on without realizing we aren’t taking Jesus with us. The relationship is still there even though our priorities have pushed him down the list. The third point really gets me- have we been so busy doing church for Jesus that we lose focus on the one we go to church for? God is more interested in spending quality time with us than in us checking off items on our to-do God list. It is my nature to look for what needs to be done and do it and that carries over to the church. More than once through the years, I’ve found myself too caught up in getting the stuff done that needs to be done and losing out on the relationships- with Jesus and with my brothers & sisters in Christ.

Jesus, I love you and I need you more every day! I don’t want to walk down this road of life without you by my side so please stop me when the busyness gets in the way. May I be more focused on you that on checklists. I don’t want to lose sight of you even for a day! May I take you along with me no matter where the road goes. Amen!lost jesus

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