The least of these

My feeble mind will never comprehend the workings of God. Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I question, but mostly I just marvel as I have this week. Two mornings ago I shared my struggles with time management and how I’m praying for God’s direction. The blog I wrote Wednesday used the verse –

I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me- Matthew 25:40

With a big band BBQ fundraiser going on today, I didn’t sit down yesterday after school except to drive until 10:30 PM. So the time situation is still something I’m asking God for help with. Yet he did get through to me with these words in Matthew 25 and hence my reason for marveling. The day of that blog and then again yesterday, God brought more than one student through my classroom door way in great need. Many years have passed since I’ve left a classroom in tears and usually even then it was in anger or frustration. Yesterday I had to step out because after hearing the details of the lives of some of our students, my heart broke open. I’m amazed that some of our students can continue to put one foot in front of the other and come back to school day after day… yet even as I write this God is reminding me that school for some may be the best part of their life. At school, they have shelter, food, security, and for some the only love they ever receive.

Teachers, bus drivers, food service & other school personnel- let us remember to smile big, hug hard, & love thoroughly- even when we are having a day and the student is not a favorite!

Christians- let us remember that we live in a needy world. People need the hope of the Gospel & the love of God but before some of them can open their hearts to these truths they need to have food to eat, a place to sleep, and clothes on their backs. What are we doing to help the least of these?

Our students need to be loved but they also need to be prayed over. I’m throwing out this challenge to all near and far- add our students to your prayer list. Don’t have one? Make one! If more knew of the homes some of our kids are living in, have been kicked out of or have been removed from, more tears would flow and more knees would bend. More than ever, it is time for Christians to live out the words of Matthew 25. It begins with prayer then in meeting the needs of our students, neighbors & world through our hands & feet! Let’s pray then help see the prayers answered! The least of these are waiting! Amen!

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