Last remodel reflection…

I’m officially calling this remodel over! Yeah! Before I move on though, I want to share some pictures and one last lesson learned…plumb

The Amish builders installed the new cabinets just over a week ago. While at a band concert that night, my Dad and go-to-fix-it-master made a comment about working on plumbing the rest of the week (also installed new vanity cabinets and new faucets in 2 bathrooms). On the way home, Gary & I talked about the plumbing and how we thought Dad over exaggerated the time needed. I mean, come on… throw in the new sink & hook the pipes together, add in the new water filtration system for under the kitchen sink, and install new bathroom faucets and pipes… (yes, some of you may be laughing right now b/c you know how this ends…) We figured by Wednesday evening all would be done and the clean-up & reorganizing of the cabinets would begin. But we were wrong. Wednesday… Thursday… Friday… Finally we had water again in all the sinks! Once again I found out Dad knew what he was talking about. The crazy thing is for 3 days the plumbing work continued but all we see from this labor was the surface… 3 new faucets & a drinking spout.

This remodel process reminds me of another aspect of walking with Christ. When we first accept the salvation he offers, we are totally changed into new creations… old cabinets with temporary fixes like my paint (see May 21) to brand new solid wood cabinets from a craftsman. The first transformation is very visible and awesome but then the work begins on the inside like the pipes behind the cabinet doors.

Once the Spirit makes his home in us, He begins the work of transforming us to make us more Christ-like. We then make the choice to fight against Him by clinging to our old ways or we work with Him by getting into the Word, fellowshipping with others believers, and praying. Just as in our plumbing situation where most of the work went on behind the doors with only new faucets to evidence the work done… so it is with the Spirit. As we not only allow but ask for Him to work in us, the transformation takes place. Others won’t necessarily see the lessons he is teaching us but they will see the fruit of his labor… not a new faucet-

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self-control”- Galatians 5:22

So before I get to the final pictures, some reflection questions…

  • Have we opened our hearts to accept the love and forgiveness of Jesus? If not, now is a great time! He loves you so very, very much!
  • Are we working with or against the Spirit as he does his remodel in us?
  • Do others see the outward signs of the Spirit’s work in us through the fruit of love, joy, …?

Who would have thought a kitchen remodel could teach me so much about God’s work? (See May 21 & 22) I love how the Spirit works and opens my eyes to see truths in the everyday events of life!

Now, before I go… the aforementioned pictures. Just as God turns our lives into living works of art, so the remodel has transformed our home…


kit remodel 2kit remodel 3kit remodel 5

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