What to do about Jesus?

He probably tired of the political struggles & uproar yet it was his job to deal with it. He listened to the Jewish leaders rail against the man then marveled that Jesus said not a word in his defense. He wasn’t new to the political world or to drama so he quickly picked up on the jealousy and envy at the root of their hatred of Jesus. He had no desire to deal with Jesus but to placate the Jewish leaders, he took the option to ask the Jews in the area… release Barabbas or Jesus? He realized not that those leaders had already worked the crowd over and prepared them to ask for Barabbas. So I imagine he might have been surprised by the choice of the crowd. Pilate was then left with a decision that still must be made by everyone today-

“What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called Christ? Pilate asked.” Matthew 27: 22


His actions that day forever imprinted his name on the crucifixion story as the man who legally condemned Jesus to death. I don’t think he wanted to go that route but felt trapped by political agendas & his own desire to win favor with Caesar by keeping down the riots and revolts. He left the world around him make his decision. I wonder how he responded to the news that Jesus had risen… I wonder what he thought of the movement called The Way that began shortly after… I wonder if he carried regrets or if he ever sought out the God of Israel.

I don’t know but I do know the same question rings out through the ages to every heart- “What shall I do then, with Jesus who is called the Christ?” Some have never heard the good news of Jesus which is why we should share. Some have heard but haven’t made their decisions yet. And still others have acknowledged Jesus as their Savior… to them I ask- What Now?

The decision to accept Christ isn’t the end of the matter. As we move into each new day we answer the question again. Will we ignore him and live life as we please? Will we muddle through the challenges alone or lean on his strength? Will we base our decisions on our own understanding or trust in his plan? The questions are SO much easier to generate than answer! I know how I want to respond to them but I can’t honestly do so every day.

Lord, help me to walk in your ways daily. May I make the choice to seek Jesus daily for strength, guidance, and help. Amen!

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