Into the details

As I sit reflecting over what I’ve read, I can’t help but marvel once again over my God and his ways. I’m about 2 chapters into what will go on for 3 or 4 more as God lays out for Moses precise plans for the Tabernacle. And when I say precise… I mean it! Moses was given details on how to make every single part- dimensions, materials, how to carry it, and even the smallest details of embroidery, thread colors to use, and gem layouts. Reading through the details, I’m reminded of my college chemistry labs. I would read the directions over and over and over because I was so worried about making a wrong move and messing up an experiment… made chem lab a stressful experience for me.

Wonder if that is why God doesn’t reveal every plan for our lives like he did the Tabernacle design. Yes, moving forward on the path God has directed me to can be tough when sometimes I can only see the very next step or perhaps even that step is a little hazy in my view. Yet if I knew every detail of God’s plan, would I stress like Chem Lab? If I knew what God had planned in detail would I worry about how I might mess it up? Or instead would knowing every detail hinder my faith growth because then I wouldn’t have to walk on in faith believing God has a plan that was for my good?

The plans for the Tabernacle even down to the minutest detail remind me that God is a God who plans and creates and is into the details. I’m reminded that as a Christian we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and as such God has plans for us that are very detailed… even if he hasn’t shared them with us. Walking forward even on the darkest days and in the deepest valleys builds our faith as we rely on God to put into place the plans he has made for us. Plans for hope and our future… plans that will build up our faith and bring glory to his name! And can I just say I’m glad He is in charge of the planning and carrying out of the details & not me! So blessed by a God who in his great wisdom knows when to tell me what lies ahead and when it is best to just show me one step at a time. Thank you, dear Lord! Amen!path

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