Integrity of heart

September 8th rolled around one year and in the hustle and bustle of the beginning of school plus band, football, and soccer practices and games, I dropped the ball. It was my husband’s birthday and I forgot to get a gift. You must understand in our home birthdays and anniversaries are big deals and to be celebrated. Once again my status of imperfect wife was glaring brightly.

I would love to be the perfect wife (also the perfect Christian, the perfect parent, and the perfect teacher) but my goal is unattainable because I am… well, imperfect!

[Although today is birthday day and I bought his gift in JULY! Success for a moment!]

I thank God perfection is not what he expects from me! Throughout the Bible God often chose the most imperfect people to use for his glory- prostitutes, murderers, liars, doubters, and so forth. David is one such example.

David loved God with his whole heart yet still made some terrible mistakes that cost he and his family dearly. After his sin, David humbled himself before God seeking forgiveness. I find it interesting that God called this imperfect king a man after his own heart. God saw David’s efforts to walk upright and in integrity even after he stumbled. After David’s death, Asaph wrote-

“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart.” Psalm 78:72

God didn’t expect perfection of David but wanted to see him walk with a heart of integrity.

Brothers and Sisters, perfection will never be reached… but integrity of heart must be attainable for David in all his mistakes had it. Yet letting go of perfect is not permission to run as far away as possible. Instead let us strive to walk with hearts of integrity today doing what is right in God’s eyes no matter whether others notice or not. Let us honor God with our thoughts, words, and actions. And when we fall down, let us with God’s help rise again and continue on the path.

Lord, help me to be a person of integrity striving to do what is right and honoring to you even when it is challenging. I know I’ll never be a woman of perfection but I can be a woman of integrity if you help me along the way. Thank you for never giving up on me! Amen

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