I found Jesus!


Last night, God chose to touch my heart through a 2 year old ball of energy called Liam. Gary & I sat on one end of the pew and our sweet pastor’s wife sat on the other. We served as bookends for Liam. Yes, he had the customary cars he zoomed between us for a while. Then came the ‘get the books out of the rack then return them’ game. At one point, I think he was ‘preaching’ from the song book. I say that because I’ve seen him ‘preach’ more than once. Usually it happens after the Sunday morning service after his Daddy takes off his tie and puts in around his son’s neck. Liam then goes up behind the pulpit to yell, stomp his feet, and add in an ‘amen’ or two to his 2 year old gibberish. Such a precious sight!

So there I sat listening to the preacher while also enjoying the antics of this young boy when he put the song books back and pushed the Bible over to me. I leaned down to whisper, ‘Is that your Bible?’ In response, he got all excited, opened the book, ran his fingers over the pages, and then started mumbling something about ‘Bible’. His next words I wish I had on a video clip to share with you!

Liam started pointing at the pages started proclaiming- “I found Jesus! I found Jesus!” over and over again. He would flip a few pages then start again- “I found Jesus!”

That little man who was reflecting the truths his parents have been teaching him so touched my heart! Not only was I thoroughly blessed, I was challenged with 3 thoughts-

  1. I wondered how different our lives would be, what the state our nation would be, and what churches would look like if Christians around this land opened the Bible and dived in with the enthusiasm level little Liam exhibited?
  2. Liam reminded me of a vital truth- when we open the Word, we will find Jesus. So many say God doesn’t reach talk to people today… really? Have they opened the Bible? Jesus is there waiting and if we seek Him, He will be found- we are promised so in the Word! But are we seeking Jesus?
  3. Are we sharing the good news of Jesus with others? Even though Mommy had to remind Liam more than once in the service to keep his voice down, Liam just couldn’t do it. In his excitement, he just had to proclaim- “I found Jesus!” This world would tell us to hush up and stop pushing religion on others. But Jesus isn’t about religion, he is about relationship. The Jesus we preach is God- he is truth- he is freedom- he is peace! This world needs to hear this good news! Sure some may oppose it but there are many seeking souls out there who are hungry for what Jesus is… IF we but only share him with others. Do we? Will we?

God, I thank you for little Liam. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and joy to my heart through his actions! I pray he seek you always and that your plans and purpose for his life be fulfilled!

I thank you for the truth in Isaiah 11:9 that you brought about last night-

“And a little child will lead them”

Through Liam, you have challenged me to more eagerly open the Word, seek Jesus, then share the good news. Give me a heart that beats for you! Make me more Christ-like! Give me the courage to share the good news! Amen!

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  1. bill says:

    Great article. Our granddaughter has the same enthusiasm about Jesus. What would the world look like? Well let’s find out by showing the same enthusiasm!

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