How quickly life can change

How quickly life can change… This is the thought that kept going through my mind yesterday afternoon as we sat in the ER and then later in the ICU with our 17 year old son.

After going to church and eating a big meal for lunch, Aaron came to me asking for something to settle his stomach. I asked some questions and learned he felt bloated from drinking so much. After 2 large glasses of orange juice before church and over 2 large glasses of sweet tea… my sweet tea which some say is more syrup than tea… I would think he would feel bloated. His answer led me to ask about the frequency of his bathroom trips which then led to calling Gary to get his sugar testing kit out to check Aaron’s blood sugar levels. The machine registered ‘hi’. So we rechecked on a second machine. “hi” Back to the first machine for a third try. “hi” The paperwork with the machine stated that ‘hi’ meant over 600 and that we should seek medical help. So off to the ER we went. Their machine read ‘hi’. Bloodwork later revealed his initial level to be 1354.

After bringing his levels back to normal, he was allowed to eat which raised his sugar above normal. Since then it has been a roller coaster… 85… 299… 95… 283… Now we sit and wait in the hospital as they monitor his sugar levels as he eats trying to find the right adjustment to use.

Life for Aaron has taken a major turn as our favorite musician must now learn to walk to a new rhythm marked by the beat of sugar testing, insulin injections, and wise food choices.

aaron and sugar

As I stood at the end of his bed in the ER, my mind was spinning from one thought to another with one key truth… this sugar problem seemed to hit us from out of nowhere but God was not caught unaware.

As we drove home from church yesterday, I told Gary about a thought I had during the sermon our preacher delivered from the book of Nehemiah. Looking back from our perspective of time at the history recorded by historians and from the accounts of the Bible, we can see how the lives of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel, Haggai, and others overlapped each other. For example, in Nehemiah 2, Nehemiah went before King Artaxerxes as his cupbearer… this king was the son of Xerxes the man who took Esther as his queen (if I have my history correct). As we can look back at these Old Testament books and lives we can see that although they may or may not have known each other or how their lives were so intertwined in Israel’s story during the exile, God saw the big picture. Though their vision may have only taken in what was around them and what they were dealing with, God saw the whole complex picture and had a plan at work.

As I sat by Aaron’s side, I thought about God’s plan and was comforted. Would I make a different choice for Aaron’s future? YES! But I’ve come to learn well the fact that my ideal plans rarely line up with God’s plans and looking back I know that the difficult trials we go through help us experience faith growth that the easy days never do.

I listened to a sermon by Andy Stanley the other day and then a devotion by Priscilla Shirer that both referred to the first chapter of James. I thank God for his timing as the words of scripture helped me keep a better perspective. Check it out-

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the besting of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1: 2-4

So we sit and wait as the doctors and nurses monitor his sugar levels and adjust the insulin.

And as I wait, I keep noticing so many ways God has been watching over us. Let me just list a few as a praise report of my God’s mighty hand-

  • Aaron’s complaint about feeling bloated led us to finding his sugar problem before he had a huge event like passing out or such
  • Aaron responded quickly to the insulin as his very high level dropped quickly
  • We are on fall break so Aaron has a few days off to adjust to the changes
  • Aaron has handled all the blood draws, IV’s, and sticks like a pro and has been very mature and calm about the whole thing
  • Aaron already eats pretty healthy with water and juice his favorite beverage choices
  • And…This is a big one… I haven’t fallen apart or broken down! I truly feel the comfort of God as he reassures me he has a plan so there is no need to get worked up… so I haven’t.

With this said, I want to praise my God who has everything in control. God has a plan that has included this sugar problem Aaron is just now learning about… a plan that will be for his glory!

I want to thank everyone who has prayed for Aaron, for us, and for the medical professionals who have attended him. Please continue to remember him as he copes with the changes ahead and pray for the doctors and nurses who care for him.

Lord, thank you for your loving care of my baby boy. Walk with him. Guide him. May his life and every aspect of it bring glory to your name. Amen

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