How to honor God in marriage

When it comes to Christian fiction, I can roll through several books a month, especially during summer break. When it comes to non-fiction, I’m slower, more intentional and more reflective. I’m slowly reading Louie Giglio’s “The Air I Breathe”. Louie’s words on worship have been thought provoking. Worship is more than the song I sing or an hour at church on Sunday mornings. Worship happens with every choice I make, every word I speak, and every action I take. Worship can even happen in marriage.

As I read earlier, I kept coming back to the calendar, August 8th. Though this may be just another day for many, for me it is special as 29 years ago today I married my best friend.

Looking back, I can see decisions made that honored God through our marriage. Thought I would share three.

First, we committed to each other. As I learned through countless hours of chauffeuring children to activities, commitments take time and dedication. Marriage too takes time, effort and focus. A strong marriage doesn’t happen by chance.

Second, we made the choice to love each other. Goodness knows that man can get on my last nerve and stomp on it; on the flip side, I can almost drive him off the deep end, usually with my forgetfulness. Yet we still choose to love. I remember a time I was so upset I feared saying something I would later forget.   While folding laundry I prayed and asked God for help. I asked for the love to be stronger than my irritation.

Third, we made time to grow closer. Even while the children were younger, we were intentional about making time for each other. In less than 2 weeks, we will enter the empty nest state as our youngest leaves for college. I will miss having children at home and I know it will be an adjustment but I know we will grow even closer.

As we continue forward, I’m excited to see what God has in store. Though neither of us is perfect, our commitment to our marriage, our choice to love even in times of unlike, and the purposed steps taken to grow closer have created a fulfilling relationship.

Looking through this new lens of worship, I can see God was worshiped through these choices. This new way of looking at worship makes me wonder…

What would our families, our communities, and our nation be like if we as Christians approached our relationships with each other in the mindset that we worship God even in the choices we make to build strong bonds?

Lord, I am so thankful for the 29 years you have given us. I am so blessed! As I go out today, help me to see every choice as an opportunity to worship you! Amen!


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