Heritage of faith

Making crafts at Vacation Bible School. Receiving a dollar from an older church lady every time my sister and I sang at church. Walking out into lake water in my blue jean skirt to be baptized at 8 years old. On and on I could go for many of my earliest and fondest memories are tied to the church my family attended.

As I read from David’s words I found a verse leading me to my morning reflection.

“You have give me the heritage of those who fear your name.” – Psalm 61:5

David’s family tree was rich in faith. Perhaps David sat on Great-grandmother Ruth’s lap as she told stories of her journey with Naomi to Jerusalem and how she met Great-grandaddy Boaz. As a Jewish lad, David learned about God from his mother and father, Jesse. The faith living in his home seeped deeply into David’s life and from this heritage came a man after God’s own heart.

Today I pause to thank God for the heritage of faith passed down from my parents and for my husband’s from his parents. From our blessings we have asked God for guidance in creating such a home to raise our children so they know a rich heritage of faith.

Friend, perhaps you know a heritage as far away from faith as the east is from the west. Know you too have a faith heritage in the pages of Scripture for as Christians we can trace our heritage back to Abraham, Moses, David, and Ruth. Our faith families include our brothers and sisters around the world connected through local churches.

Let us pause today to be thankful for the way we found our faith, whatever route God used to bring it to us. And let us look for ways to pass it on!

Lord, thank you for the heritage passed down to me that led me to faith. For every brother and sister in Christ you have blessed me with, thank you! Lord, help me to live faith in such a way that others are drawn to you. Amen

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