Hands off

As the labor pains racked the body of Jochebed, did she pray the child would be a daughter? She surely knew of friends and acquaintances that had their newborn sons yanked from their grasps and killed by the Egyptian soldiers. So not only was her body in turmoil from the birthing process, her heart and thoughts were all jumbled up. Then the boy was born and her heart knew one of life’s greatest joys- holding her newborn son for the first time. As tears streamed from her eyes, her mind surely raced to ways she would hide and protect her child. For three months she did it but as he grew, she knew she couldn’t continue working as a slave while hiding this son who needed nursing, diaper changes, and room to crawl and play so she did an extremely brave and daring thing… she took her hands off of him and trusted God. She water-proofed a basket, laid her precious son inside, and then set the basket among the reeds along the bank of the Nile… the same Nile that crocodiles and other creatures called home. Into this setting she let go and let God take the child she could no longer care for, nurture, and hold… I can’t imagine how difficult that decision and the following actions were for that mother. But God saw it all as he looked down on the infant he had already chosen to lead his people out of Egypt in about 80 years. Not only did God watch over the boy, he also watched out for Jochebed and blessed her faithfulness in such a beautiful way!

After Pharaoh’s daughter found the boy, decided to keep him, and name him Moses, she needed a nursemaid. Miriam, Moses’ older sister, was there to tell her of an available Hebrew woman. Moses was returned to the arms of his mother to be nursed in safety… but there’s more! Pharaoh’s daughter PAID Jochebed to care for Moses! If ever the phrase ‘God works in mysterious ways’ seems appropriate! Yet this beautiful plan of provision wouldn’t have come together had Jochebed not had the courage to step out in faith and trust God.

Her story is such a wonderful lesson to me today. Some things I have been trying to hold onto and fix are more than I can ever ‘fix’. I’ve been working on letting go but it is so hard… especially when loved ones are involved. However, I feel this tug when I read of her story… a tug telling me to let go and trust… a tug that says the situation in my hands is hopeless… a tug that says the situation in God’s hands means victory, blessings, and greater joy than I can imagine! So help me, Lord! Help me to be strong enough to let go with my hands! Give me stronger faith and more trust to release this completely into your very capable hands! Amen!hands

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