growing old…

Today is my favorite day of the year to be on facebook!  Today is when friends and family will fill my wall with birthday wishes to remind me of how blessed I am to know so many thoughtful people.  Last night I told my husband that I was one degree short of a half a right angle but today I have arrived!  For my algebra 2 and trig students… my age is the degree equivalent of a p/4 radian measured angle!  LOL!  Yes, I know I’m a strange one… but I’m happy this way!

My children think me nearly ancient and at times I feel almost there.  As I age, I’ve noticed a decrease in energy and metabolism, an increase in gray hair trying to peek past my highlight job, and a few more wrinkles setting up permanent residence around my eyes.  I would also like to blame my poor memory on my advanced age but alas I cannot for it wasn’t good when I was a youthful 20 years old.

Yesterday I was reminded though of just how young I really am even with wrinkles and gray hair.  A wonderful Christian man who I went to school with for 12 years, who I rode the school bus with as we lived about 2 miles apart and who I now work with as he is the top tech guy in our school system lost his wife to her battle with cancer.  I may sometimes feel old but all I could think about when I heard the news yesterday at school was how young she was at 44 lose her life, how young he is to lose his wife of 17 years, and how young their daughters are to lose their mother.  Mike, my heart breaks for you and your girls.  I think of Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:4

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

I pray that God holds you close and gives you and the girls the strength needed for the days ahead.

You know, when I went from 29 to 30, I felt like I really turned a corner into advanced age.  Since then my perspective has changed.  Now I welcome every new year and number that comes my way especially when I hear of too many dying too young.  Lord, I want to give you a big than you for every year you have given me.  With every increase in number, my blessings grow exponentially!  Friends, no matter our ages whether great or small, let us enjoy the blessings and gift of life today!  May we treasure every day we are given as if it were our birthday!  Let us hold our loved ones close and tell them how much we love them every chance we get!  Amen!

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