The Greatest Blessings are…

Short 2 day school week = antsy students. It didn’t take long in the hallways yesterday to understand students were excited about their short week and ready for it to be done. Of course, I picked up the vibes easily since I was already thinking of the long break ahead, my children coming home to sit around the table, and the annual shopping adventure my husband and I will embark on come Friday morn.

Using wisdom drawn from many years of teaching, I knew not to cover much in the way of new material this week so I planned practice. However, I awoke this morning with a thought on my mind. When that happens, I attribute it to God passing on a suggestion. The thought: I wonder if my students have any idea how thankful I am to be their teacher. I know I push them hard to work EVERY day from bell to bell but I do that because I care deeply about their futures- not just the ACT and EOC scores. But do they get that? So my lesson plans for the day have been altered because I want them to know I value them, their efforts, and the relationships we have built.

In Philippians 1:3, Paul wrote

“I thank God every time I remember you.”

As I look around me, yes, I am thankful we have a warm & beautiful home, reliable vehicles to drive, and good jobs that more than pays the bills. However, it is the relationships in life I am most thankful for: My husband, our 3 children & son-in-law, our parents, our sisters & brothers-in-law, our nieces & nephews plus extended family, my crazy cousins (they fit in a category all their own), my church family, my peers at work, and of course, my students. After Christ, it is the relationships that bring meaning and quality to my life. So on this Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I thank you, God, as I remember those blessings you have walked into my life and I pray that your blessings fall on them today. Help me to find ways to show them how valuable they are to me as my heart overflows with thanksgiving for all of them. Amenblessings

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