God’s plan

Our first playmates often come in the form of cousins. When Rachel and Jerad were toddlers, they loved to play with cousin Ty. Watching them enjoy their time together was a delight. Never was there a doubt about who the boss was. Ty may have been 10 weeks older than Rachel but she was in charge. She made the plans and the boys followed. If they ever thought about another plan she set them straight!

I smile at the memories but I’m also reminded God has a plan and his plan will happen. Even when we set out to do own own thing, we eventually find God was at work even then. Not a moment or decision is wasted as God can turn anything into something good for us and for his glory. Even when we think God has momentarily forgotten us, we eventually find out he was working behind the scenes.

Back in Esther’s day, her people the Jews were the target for genocide. Nobleman Haman hated the Jews and received permission to do as he pleased and he was pleased by the thought of every Jew dead. Haman’s extreme hatred for one particular Jew, Mordecai, couldn’t wait for the appointed day of annihilation. Given the idea from his friends, Haman had a 75 foot gallows constructed overnight and was preparing to get the King’s OK to hang Mordecai the next morning.

But God had a plan. God would deliver his people, save Mordecai, and put Haman in his place. I love how God was at work that very night in the palace.

King Xerxes had insomnia so in hopes of being lulled to sleep he had someone read the book of chronicles detailing the events from his reign. Now some time ago (Esther 2: 21-23), two of the king’s guards plotted to assassinate him. As they spoke quietly near the gate, Mordecai overhead and in response sent word to Esther. The men were put to death and the details recorded in the book of chronicles, the very book being read to Xerxes that night.

When the part about the plot came up, Xerxes paused the reader to ask how Mordecai was rewarded for helping to save the king. The answer was nothing.

Xerxes asked if any noble was in the courtyard yet. Haman was present waiting to ask to hang Mordecai. The king brought him in and spoke up first asking Haman what should be done for a man the king wanted to honor. Thinking the man to be himself, Haman listed a number of honors. Xerxes then told Haman to go personally do those things for Mordecai.

I wish I had a picture of his face at that moment.

Haman hated the Jews and had no regard for their God. Yet his feelings didn’t discount the truth that God is God and He had a plan for his people that Haman could not stop.

Brothers & Sisters- God will work out his plan in His own way. He will not be stopped and if we pay attention we will be amazed by how he does it. In Esther’s time, he involved his man in an assassination plot and gave a king insomnia in order to bring protection to Mordecai and his people.

God is not bound. He can work how he chooses and his plans will succeed!

Lord, thank you for refreshing my heart and strength with your truth this morning. Guide my feet today. Help me to more fully trust in your plan and its execution. Amen!

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