God’s eyes

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I discussed a conversation we had with an individual earlier in the day. From the encounter we each walked away with a different interpretation. At one point, Gary asked if I were in the same room. Our ears heard the same exchange but our minds processed the words and body language so differently.

When David sent Joab and the army out to fight the Ammonites, the commander found the battle lines already drawn up. In response, Joab divided up the army between himself and his brother and said-

“Be strong and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in his sight.” 1 Chronicles 19:13

The last line of Joab’s motivational speech snags my attention, more specifically the last 4 words- “good in his sight.” The Lord’s eyesight is so superior to mine a comparison really can’t be made. The Lord and I often look at the same situation in such different ways I often wonder if we are looking at the same thing. Where I see troubles, God sees opportunity. I love Matthew West’s new song, ‘Mended’.

“When you see nothing but damaged goods, I see something good in the making. I’m not finished yet. When you see wounded, I see mended.”

Even when it comes to God answering my prayers, our versions of ‘answer’ are so different. I long prayed for God to help me grow in faith and learn to trust him more. Then when he started to answer a couple years ago, I only saw a valley of despair. Only from the perspective of time and ongoing prayers can I see that God is teaching me what it really means to trust him. I’ve started to say ‘thank you, Lord, for a situation I didn’t think would ever lead to such words from me. Even as I wait for the answer to come, I’m learning to trust.

Brothers and sisters, God’s perfect plan and perfect vision are so different from what we see as the perfect solutions to the prayers we pray. If we are praying for one thing and God seems to be working in a completely different way we may wonder if God even hears our pleas. Instead, could it be God is working out our prayers in ways that are good in his sight? We must remember he sees the big picture while our vision can be rather limited.

Lord, thank you for doing what is good in your sight. Open my eyes and teach me to see your hand at work. Amen!


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