A God I can trust

Sitting on the exam table with bladder full waiting to see a first glimpse on the ultrasound was exciting.   With each pregnancy I wanted to hear all looked well for our ONE baby. Twins are adorable but just the thought seemed overwhelming. Yet my parents often reminded me twins run in the family and often skip a generation so it was my turn… I was fine with that pattern not continuing!

As I continue to see Heman’s name come up in 1st Chronicles, I think of his grandfather Samuel. As one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament, Samuel led Israel for many years but when he grew old the people began asking for a king. Though Samuel had sons they were not as righteous as he having turned to pursue dishonest gain, accept bribes, and pervert justice. (1 Samuel 8:3)

Even though Samuel’s son Joel didn’t walk with God as he should, God raised up a grandson of Samuel who loved Him. Heman is often mentioned with his associates Asaph and Jeduthun who together with their families served as the musicians and singers at the House of God. Following a list of Heman’s sons as they were being commissioned to serve on the worship team we find-

“All these were sons of Heman the king’s seer. They were given him through the promises of God to exalt him. God gave Heman 14 sons and 3 daughters.” 1 Chronicles 25:5

I love it! God is so faithful! He promises to show love to a thousand generations to those who love Him! Samuel loved God and spent his whole life serving Him. Though the only record we have of his son Joel was not of faithful service to God maybe he changed his ways as he grew older. Regardless, Heman as the next generation loved God and the next generation of 14 sons served on the worship team.

I love the faithfulness of God. I love how I can trust him with my children and the future generations. I love how God has a plan for how our descendants can serve him.

Lord, thank you for the details you give us about Samuel, Joel, Heman and his many children. Thank you for being a God I can trust to lead, guide, and care for my children. I know you have a plan and a calling for each of them, reveal it in your perfect timing and ways. Amen!


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