When I think of people I would seek out for advice, I see common traits. Those I view as most wise aren’t necessarily the most successful, those in leadership, or the most opinionated. Rather the wise people I know are kind, merciful, sincere, and gentle. They are observers of life who have gained insight from living and allowing God to shape them.

They treat others with kindness. They are calm even in the storm. They enjoy life and God’s blessings even on the difficult days.

As our ladies Bible study group continue to dig into James, I find myself pondering a truth previously unnoticed. Godly wisdom brings gentleness. Some Bible translations use the word ‘gentle’ in James 3:17, others use a word with a similar meaning.

As I look back over my life I see this truth. Walking with the Spirit through life has added to my wisdom and in the process more gentleness. Even Solomon concurs-

“Wisdom brightens a man’s face and changes its hard appearance.” Ecclesiastes 8:1

No, Solomon didn’t say the word but I see it implied for with wisdom comes greater peace, more kindness, and a gentling of the heart and attitude.

I look back and see much growth in my life in terms of wisdom and thus gentleness. But I still have far to go.

Lord, thank you for your hand at work in my life. A look back confirms your work in my life but I need more help for my goal is to be more like my Christ. Please teach me your wisdom. Help me grow in gentleness and kindness in the face of all circumstances and people that others may be drawn to you. Amen

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