Futile thoughts

There I was struggling to teach a math concept in an innovating and engaging way. There several students sat lethargic showing little interest. Can you imagine students not fully into solving absolute value inequalities?? Me neither!

So I paused a moment to offer a silent prayer for God to help me find a way to teach the skill to minds that were miles away from algebra.

A verse from Psalms has me thanking God this morning that he doesn’t give up on me when my mind wanders.

“The Lord knows the thoughts of man; he knows they are futile.” Psalm 94:11

Futile means pointless or worthless. At first, I wasn’t sure whether to be offended but then I pondered the thoughts that go through my mind in a day. Then it hit me…

God knows my thoughts!

The good ones. The less than good ones. Ok, I’ll say it, the evil thoughts. Even the futile, pointless thoughts AND He loves me anyway! He loves you too!

The next verse goes on to show that love-

“Blessed is the man you discipline, O Lord, the man you teach from your law.” Psalm 94:12

God doesn’t give up on me, or you! Even when my thoughts bounce all over the place, God still loves me enough to teach me and help me learn discipline so I can grow in Him.

I didn’t give up on my students that day though I was quite challenged. I see ahead to the application of the skill and the test they need to pass so I keep teaching and reteaching.

Thank God he doesn’t walk away when my thoughts are seeped in futility. Nor does he let me stay there but teaches and guides and disciplines. Though discipline is often thought of in a negative light, a parent knows it is out of love that we discipline our children so they learn from their mistakes and behaviors.

God, thank you for knowing all my thoughts and loving me anyway! I could just camp out on this truth and praise You all day long! But You go further by teaching me so I can grow in You and lose some of my futile thoughts. Thank you, Jesus! Keep on working in me for I truly need the help! Amen

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