Following patterns


The fact I love mathematics fits well with my personality because I am all about patterns and math is the study of patterns. Yet love though goes beyond numbers and shapes to behavioral patterns. The Word of God is a wealth of treasures in patterns as I study about the men and women God used. Just last night, God reminded me he over and over willingly and purposefully chose flawed, imperfect, ordinary people to carry out his plans. Gideon. Jacob. Saul/Paul. Peter. Mark. Hezekiah. Even one of my favorites, David.

Though far from perfect, David had a heart and a passion for God that displayed itself in his actions, in his many words of penned praise, and in the patterns seen in his decisions.

In 1 Chronicles 14, we see David firmly established on the throne in Jerusalem. Twice in this chapter the Philistines went up to attach David. Twice David reacted the same way. I love his pattern of behavior!

“So David inquired of God: ‘Shall I go and attack the Philistines?’” 1 Chronicles 14:10

“So David inquired of God again, and God answered him.” 1 Chronicles 14:14

Over the span of David’s 70 years, we see him repeatedly seek God’s directions. Sure, he broke the pattern and few times like when he first tried to bring the Ark back and when he sought after a relationship with Bathsheba; each time suffering for his straying. David was imperfect, no doubt. Yet if we step back and look overall at his life, David followed a pattern of seeking after God’s direction and guidance. For this reason, God called David a man after his own heart (1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22)

I want to be a woman who seeks after the heart of God. David’s life gives us a pattern lesson we would be wise to follow- asking for God to direct our ways.

Lord, my desire is to be more Christ-like today, to be a brighter light in this dark world than yesterday, and to worship and serve you with a joyful heart. Thank you for the truths and the patterns found in the Word. Guide me, Lord. Teach me. Bestow on me a heart of wisdom. Lead me in your paths. Give me the courage to follow even if the only step visible is the next one. Teach me your patterns and ways for your ways are beautiful. Amen!

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