Flooded with hope

If I were to describe Rahab’s story with one word, it would have to be HOPE. Yes, hope for her but she is in the past so I’m thinking of the impact of that hope on me… and you!

First a recap… God had Joshua leading his people into the Promised Land. Once there they would first seek to conquer the wicked city of Jericho. In preparation of the attack, Joshua sent 2 spies ahead to scope out the city. Problem was- they were discovered by the people of Jericho. Their search for the spies led them to the door of Rahab, a woman of ill-repute (aka, a prostitute according to Hebrews 11:31). Instead of turning the men over, Rahab fabricated a story about how the men left the city at dusk when in truth she had hidden the men on her roof.

OK, so now we have a prostitute, lies, and a dangerous game of hide and seek… so where is the hope? The hope is in Rahab’s motivation behind her actions and in God’s response. She told the 2 spies-

“for the Lord your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below.” Joshua 2:11

Out of the mouth of this prostitute comes a declaration of faith! Out of the heart of this woman who had lived in the darkness of sin came the light of truth! From this woman who grew up in a pagan culture came a cry for mercy from God! If this isn’t a story of hope, then I don’t know what is!

The words of her story practically scream from this chapter that there is hope for everyone who seeks mercy- no matter the past, no matter the choices, no matter what!

God took this woman who likely made her living by prostitution and showed her mercy. Not only on her but also upon her family members who took shelter in her home during the Hebrew invasion.

But God wasn’t done with her yet.

Her future also included marriage to a Hebrew man, Salmon, and motherhood through her son, Boaz- Ruth’s future husband! If we continue the family tree down through several generations, we will find ourselves in the genealogy list of Matthew 1- the one that gives the ancestry of Jesus. Yes, Rahab a direct ancestor of Jesus!!!!

My heart overflows with hope and praise for a God who can take ANYONE, shower them with mercy, fill them with purpose, and bring glory to Himself!

The hope continues…

If you are one who has been walking in Rahab’s shoes with respect to bad choices, a seedy past, and about as far from God as possible- there is hope! God’s love, grace, and mercy are greater than your past and your present and your future! Seek Him! Pray! Call out his Name for He is near!

Perhaps you pray for a loved one- keep it up! Rahab teaches us that NO ONE is a lost cause! No matter where they have been, what they believe now, or how far they seem from God, HE is bigger and able to redeem even them!

Lord, I praise you! What a blessed hope floods my soul over your work in my life- you forgive me, love me, and use me for your glory! And that hope for my loved ones- AMAZING! It keeps me praying & gives me peace! Thank you, Lord! Amen!



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