finding strength

Sometimes the circumstances we face cause us to become distressed. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against us… even our friends. Sometimes we can get wrapped up in the moment and miss the hand of help God offers.

David in 1 Samuel 30 could identify with these ‘sometimes’. While he and his 600 men were off doing what armies do their homes were raided by the Amalekites. Their city of Ziklag was burned to the ground and their families were carried off as plunder. When they came upon the charred remains of Ziklag, David and his men wept until they had no strength left.

Then it started.

The men who had said they would follow David wherever he went began to talk of stoning their leader. The bitterness of loss caused the men to turn on David. I’m sure David felt alone… like the whole world was against him. On top of the stress caused by the men, David was grieving over the taking of his 2 wives.

There is beauty and wonder of this story and it is found in one sentence-

“But David found strength in the Lord his God.” 1 Samuel 30:6

In his distress, David could have gone the routes many of us have traveled- get mad at God, blame God, lash out at the so-called friends who turned on him, get lost in mourning, etc. But he didn’t. David went to God with his problems and found strength!

Through God’s help, David also created an action plan. Instead of moping around, David asked God’s directions as far as pursuing the raiding party and God told David to go after them.

Before all was said and done, every wife, son, and daughter plus each piece of plunder and then some was recovered without loss.

What a great example David gives us in this event. The loss was so overwhelming, David wept until his strength was gone. He was distressed by the turn of events and the talk of his followers but he knew where to go. He knew God would renew his strength and guide him through his troubles.

I wonder… if I went to the last paragraph and changed ‘David’ to ‘Nancy’ and made the appropriate pronoun adjustments, would it be an accurate statement?

Lord, thank you for walking every step with me. Sometimes in my distress, I look to everything but you for strength. Forgive me. Open my eyes to see. Guide me. Strengthen me. Give me a heart like David… one that looks to you for help! Amen.


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