Finding strength in surrender

Today begins homecoming week at WCHS and we begin with PJ day. I am so ready! Since it is football homecoming, I selected gear from my fav pro-team- the Indianapolis Colts! I’ve got the PJ pants, a t-shirt, and a jersey… all set for work!

I’ve had the opportunity to watch the Colts play many a game and I’ve noticed from the pre-game interviews that though there is much time spent in the physical training, much effort also goes into the mental preparation… especially during super bowl week.

As I read Matthew 28 this morn, I caught a glimpse of Jesus preparing for the last week of his life. He knew what was coming his way- betrayal, beatings & death. Yet instead of running as far away as possible (my probable game plan in such a situation), he went to God in prayer. Three times he left his closest friends to watch as her prayed to his Father. Some may say Jesus’ victory came when he was nailed to the cross or when he breathed his last gulp of air or when he walked out of the tomb. Though the tomb scene was the evidence of his victory, I believe the scene in the garden is what got him to the tomb moment. It was there in the garden that he surrendered his will to the Father.



“My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will…. May your will be done.” Matthew 28: 39, 42



Jesus’ attitude of surrender, his trust in God’s plan, and his willingness to do as the Father desired even when it wasn’t an easy path is such a great example to me! Before the horrific events of his last week, Jesus surrendered and gained the strength he needed for the battle ahead. Lord, before I go into this day or face whatever difficulties are ahead in my path, I want to follow the example of Jesus. I want to surrender my life, my plans, and my future into your care. Yet, Lord, I fear I will try to take up the reigns again so help me with each new day to surrender my life again into your care. Jesus made up his mind ahead of time that he would go and do as the Father desired. Lord, give me the courage to let go and surrender my life into your hands for it is in surrender that I can truly know your strength. Amen!

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