Finding purpose

Long before I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to teach. Looking back, I know it was God stirring my heart to guide me in the direction he wanted me to go. When my daughter headed off to college, she knew of only one career path she did not want to follow- that of education. Less than 1 ½ years later, God helped her find her calling- middle school teaching. Finding our purpose, our calling in life, our niche in God’s kingdom can feel like a daunting task but we are not in this alone.

Early in Jesus’ earthly ministry as recorded in Mark 1, we see him with a few of his early disciples healing the sick and driving out demons. Early the next morning while it was still dark, Jesus went out alone to pray. Finding our purpose begins with prayer. God created each of us to be unique in our personalities, giftings, and callings. Who better to ask our purpose of than our Creator?

When Simon and the others found Jesus, they told him that everyone was looking for him. There will always be people around us who think they know what our purpose is… sometimes they may be right, sometimes not. When they don’t see it, they may not understand it. The people wanted healing and couldn’t see the bigger picture of how Jesus’ steps would lead to their eternal healing. Their vision only took in the ‘here and now’ of that day.

The third point of purpose Jesus teaches us through his words-



Jesus had been in prayer, knew his purpose, and didn’t let the crowds get him off track. The time had come for him to move out and answer the calling placed on him by the Father. Note that Jesus didn’t wait for the perfect conditions or for planning committees to issue invitations. He knew his purpose and actively sought ways to live it out.

A local ministry promotes the slogan- “live on purpose” and I have the t-shirt because I love the message. Maybe all reading this knows their calling in life but chances are high that many are still searching. Keep praying and seeking guidance from God… and in the meantime live today on purpose. Be intentional about walking in faith, serving others, and touching this world for Christ… after all, that is the calling God places universally on all Christians. Then seek Him for within this calling is an individual one tailor-made for each believer.

Lord, thank you for making me on and for a purpose. Continue to open my eyes to see the direction you want me to go. Open the doors of opportunity in your perfect timing. Give me the courage to have the initiative to actively live out the calling you have placed on me. I want to see others come to know you as their Lord & Savior. I want to encourage Christians to be more intent in their walk of faith today. Help me today in this pursuit. Amen!


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