Finding a new appreciation

Soon I will pop a breakfast sandwich in the microwave, fill up my coffee cup again, and head off to work. Breakfast on the go. Usually I microwave or grab a granola; rarely do I take time to sit down for even cereal.

Such was not the case growing up. For the first ten years of life until Mom began driving a school bus, she cooked a fine breakfast every morning- biscuits, gravy, and either bacon or sausage. My mouth is watering just remembering such fine food. Yet as a ten year old, my appreciation for her efforts to give us a hot, hearty meal to begin our day was not what is should have been. Instead I begged for days to eat some sugary cereal. What was I thinking!

After years of microwaved meals and cereal, I now know how great I had it as a child. I still love biscuits and gravy though I usually fix the meal for supper, as I don’t rise early enough to cook such.

The same thing happens to us in various ways. We may experience ‘good’ but we don’t appreciate it or recognize it until we have encountered the opposite. We don’t appreciate freedom until we know bondage. We lack appreciation for a loving family until we are alone. We think our moderate income too low until we experience poverty.

And perhaps we don’t truly value the freedom, love, grace, and mercy given so freely by God until we have known life without him and run after things that don’t satisfy.

After Rehoboam was firmly established as the king of Judah, the people turned away from God. In time, God allowed the Egyptian king to come against Judah’s fortified cities so the people would return to Him. When the people humbled themselves and once again sought God, He decided against destroying them and said-

“They will, however, become subject to him, so they may learn the difference between serving me and serving the kings of other lands.” 2 Chronicles 12:8

The human heart most assuredly has a stubborn bent that is never satisfied. Too often I experience blessings but recognize them not for I am always looking for better or more. Forgive me, Lord. Teach me of the great that is mine so I don’t run after the mediocre. I don’t want to serve the gods of money, power, or success for they NEVER satisfy for long. I want to serve you, Lord, for your love never ends. Open my eyes to the ways I even now seek after lesser gods. Teach me the goodness of your ways. Set my focus on You alone. Amen!


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