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Through the years, I can remember only 4 times I took vitamin supplements on a regular basis. Three of those 4 were during my pregnancies. One of the first actions of the doctors was to prescribe the prenatal supplements that I took faithfully because I knew the health of my babies was directly impacted. The fourth time I stuck to the regiment of vitamins followed a failed attempt to donate blood. I didn’t make it past the initial screening for my iron levels were too low. I had been extra tired in the weeks before but wrote it off to the effects of running 3 kiddos around in addition to home and work duties. Other than these 4 times, I’ve never been much of a vitamin person. Yes, I know daily supplements would enhance my health now but I just don’t. I can’t explain why… I just don’t make the effort unless something is off like my iron levels.

Our pastor used an analogy yesterday in his sermon that really stirred my thoughts. The Church in the life of a Christian should be like a vitamin supplements taken for our health. Even while pregnant, I ate healthy meals as my main food and vitamin source and just took the prenatals to fill in the gaps and make me and baby stronger. Church was not intended to be the main source of our spiritual diet. Depending on the preachers and Sunday School teachers alone to be our only time to sit down to read/hear the Word is like skipping meals all week and just chewing on Flintstone’s.   In his words, I find the Spirit throwing out a couple of challenges or questions to ponder-

  • Am I skipping meals and just eating vitamins OR do I throughout the week pray, read my Bible, and meditate on his truths?
  • Do I as a believer sometimes go on the flip side and think I can be just as strong without being a part of a local church? Though I know daily vitamins could improve my heath, I keep choosing to go about my days as I am… good enough.

Too many people think they can be just as strong alone without the church yet over and over through the Bible, God makes it clear that fellowship with other believers is vital to the health of a Christian.

Lord, you’ve given me much to think and reflect about- my actions throughout the week and the role the church plays in my life. Guide my thoughts. May your truths open the eyes of others as well. Help me to become a stronger and healthier Christian as I go through this week. Amen!


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