Christian Speaker…

Looking for a Christian speaker for a Women’s event or a Church event/retreat?  Maybe I can help you out!  God first opened the door for me to speak at an event in October 2013.  Through the preparation weeks, God taught me so many things before the time to speak arrived.  Some nerves fluttered during the day but the nearer the event time, the more I excited I became.  When I stood to speak, I knew God was there doing the work and I was just the vessel.  What a blessing!  Since that first event, I’ve been blessed to speak at other church events and be one of the speakers at the Thirst Women’s Conference 2015 in Dixon, KY.  My cup runneth over!

Thus far my speaking topics have been:

  •  “Running my Race”- a look into the life lessons God taught me while preparing for a 5K using the Run for God curriculum;


  • “Like a Model”- comparisons between attributes of runway models and walking the Christian walk as a woman and mother;
    • Click on the Red/Gold play button on the top right of the page to hear an audio of “Like a Model”


  • “Reflect the Son”- a talk created for the outdoor venue by the lake where I compared walking the Christian walk to the way the moon reflects the light of the sun.


  • “Christmas Hope”- A look at how the 5 women Matthew included in the family tree of Jesus give us hope and tell a beautiful Christmas story that speaks of grace, mercy, and love.


  • “Creating Thirst”- A talk about how we as Christians are to be the salt Jesus referenced in Matthew 5: 13.  A few tidbits about how salt effects the body, the missing elements in table salt, and how these relate to encouraging others to thirst for more of God. 

When planning for events, I can choose from an already developed talk or develop a new one custom fit to the needs and focus of the event.  Please contact me to begin a conversation about the possibility of us working together to meet the needs of your organization and event.


From a church family retreat…

 DSC_0868At the Thirst Women’s Conference 2015