Cheap replacements

A gasp nearly escaped as I totaled the cost of the ink cartridges needed for our awesome Wi-Fi printer. Five units required each at a minimum cost of $12. My husband suggested finding a generic brand meant to fit. Good ole Amazon found me 20 cartridges for $15 with free shipping. I decided the replacements were worth a try even if some didn’t work out. We are successfully using the first one now.

Yay! I love finding a good deal and since the replacements are working out I’m thrilled! Not all replacements should happen yet that’s what the King of Judah tried in 2 Kings 16.

Judah was the Southern Kingdom of Israel and supposedly the godlier of the divided kingdoms as the descendants of David sat on the throne. Yet many of their kings fell short of their ancestor’s example and led the people away from God. King Ahaz was one such leader.

While out battling against Israel’s Northern Kingdom and Aram, Ahaz found himself in need of help so he hired the Assyrians. After the King of Assyria captured Damascus, Ahaz went into the city and was awed by what he found there.

“He saw an altar in Damascus and sent to Uriah the priest a sketch of the altar, with detailed plans for its construction. So Uriah the priest built an altar in accordance with all the plans that King Ahaz had sent from Damascus.” 2 Kings 16: 10-11

When Ahaz returned home, he ordered all sacrifices to God to be made on the new replacement altar. He broke down parts of the temple and it’s items then he took the bronze altar they should have used and put it on the north side of the new one to use for seeking advice from God.

My head says- really, Ahaz! You want to replace God’s ways with worldly ways, replace the commands of God with your new orders, and lead the people to replace God with your new shiny altar then expect God to guide you!


The NERVE of Ahaz!

Then my heart says to hit pause and reflect. How many times have we as God’s people walked the same road as Ahaz? O, we may not construct a new altar for a replacement but have we built new homes, careers, reputations, bank accounts, or relationships that have become our objects of worship to replace God? Have we pushed a figurative bronze altar to the side with plans to run back and ask God for help, answers, and blessings when life’s challenges hit us head on?

Lord, search my heart and know me! Open my eyes to where I’ve gone astray in the ways of Ahaz. There is no replacement for you! Nothing is greater than your power, glory, and might so I don’t want to waste my life in pursuits of cheap no-good replacements! Help me, Lord, to keep my worship focused on the only one worthy of ALL worship! Amen!


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