Broken record

Years ago I would open the top, add my Alabama or Olivia Newton John LP, carefully place the needle on the edge, and sing along to my records for hours. I love the accuracy and quality of CD’s and quick downloads to iPods but there’s just something nostalgic about listening to old records.

One of the downsides to records though was a scratch in the wax. The needle would end up in a groove and not be able to move on causing the same sound to repeat over and over and over. This repetition led to the cliché “you sound like a broken record.”

As I read in Psalms this morning my heart caught on a particular verse. My head asked, ‘again, Lord?’ but my heart said, ‘yes, I need this, Lord!’ Because the theme of the verse and this blog continues to repeat similar thoughts of other blogs in recent weeks, one may say I sound like a broken record. Maybe so, but God knows my heart and my struggles and leads me to just the verse I need. Could it be someone else needs the repeating of this truth as well?

Over a year ago God set Psalm 37:4 in my heart-

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

I knew before I began reading that I would hit this beloved verse today. However it was 3 verses later that most touched me.

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.” Psalm 37:7

God is walking with me on a journey I want to see end a.s.a.p. I want it done, fixed and in the past… like yesterday.

However, just yesterday I was reminded the path might extend years before me. For this reason the ‘delight’ verse has become a favorite I keep going back to. Yet today the ‘be still and wait patiently’ was the verse my heart needed.

Friends, let us take delight in God today even as we are still and waiting patiently for him to answer prayers, bring about his will, and give us our hearts’ desires.

Lord, may your praise ever be on my lips even as I wait on you. Teach me to be still and show me how to delight more in you! Amen

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