Bringing life

What an adventure we had! My daughter suggested a 3 day trip to Chicago so away we went. Driving around Chicago, parking, and traffic presented small challenges but well worth it for Giordano’s pizza, Garrett’s popcorn, and hours of fun. Yet the best part of the trip had nothing to do with Chicago and everything to do with the company. My daughter has this beautiful spark of life glowing from within and I love being around her!

I thought of her spark as I read 2 Kings 13.

Elisha died and was buried. Some Israelites were on the way to bury a man when Moabite raiders headed their way. In their rush to safety, the men threw the dead body into Elisha’s tomb.

“When the body touched Elisha’s bones, the man came to life and stood up on his feet.” 2 Kings 13: 21

Elisha was so full of God that even after his death he brought life to others.

This story makes me wonder about how I live daily. Every morning I have the opportunity to get plugged into the ultimate power source through prayer, the Word, and worship. When I take the time to charge, then I can help others find help through sharing the love of God.

BUT… am I willing to take the time and effort to get charged up? Am I willing to put myself out there to serve others? Am I willing to set aside my agenda to share the good news and love of Jesus with the many walking dead in our world who are seeking the spark of life in all the wrong places? Am I?

Are we?

Are we being the light and life this world needs?

Lord, help me to stay focused on making time with you a priority so that I might in turn offer life to others through the sharing of your love. Amen


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