Our first snow day arrived early in the school year. People who must go to work or be outside view this weather differently than the teachers and students who believe snow days are magical! From the warmth inside my home I can sip my coffee, enjoy the view, work on my ‘to-do’ list, take in a movie and maybe even a nap! Yes, some see this weather as an obstacle but some of us believe it to be a gift!

As I read of Jarius and his sick daughter in Luke 8, I thought of how perspectives can be so different. Jarius went to get Jesus to help and on their way back to the house, word came that his daughter had died. As the circumstances washed over him, Jarius was surely undone and probably turned toward the Teacher to thank him for agreeing to try to help. Jesus though quickly jumped in with the words-

“Don’t be afraid; just believe and she will be healed.” Luke 8:50

Though the news was bad and the loss cut deep, Jesus told Jarius to believe. As with our views on snow, we can look at the valleys we walk, the troubles we face, and the hurts that break our hearts and see only the slushy mess and freezing temps… OR… we can look to Jesus and believe he has everything in control… regardless of how things look in the here and now.

Today, Lord, I chose to see the beauty of the snow and believe you have everything in control. Help me to see the good you are bringing about even when I feel broken by the circumstances. Give me the faith to believe even when the good is not apparent yet. My perspective is so much clearer when I look through your lens. Thank you, Lord, for the hope you bring in EVERY situation I face.

Amen & Happy Snow Day to all!believe

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