In the beginning God…

For over 2 years, I’ve focused my study time in the New Testament and just a few weeks ago began again in Matthew. As I neared the end of Luke last week, my heart kept looking back to the Old Testament so I prayed for direction and changed my route. I love the New Testament so filled with the life of Jesus, the gospel message, and directions for the Christian on how to live. Yet I also adore the Old Testament so rich in history as over and over God revealed his heart, his love, and his character through the events from Genesis to Malachi. Today I begin a journey through the OT and I invite others to walk with me. Let’s explore the truths and depths of the OT and find lessons to help us be more Christ-like thousands of years after that last word was penned.

After reading the first chapter account of the 6 days of creation, I pulled back to the first four words of the Bible-

“In the beginning God…” Genesis 1:1

I’m so excited that the God I worship isn’t one created by the figments of my imagination or created by another man. The God I serve has always been here even before the world was ever created! Some may argue that God was created by the Jews to explain this world. However, my connection to God goes much deeper than words on a page. I have a relationship with God, I’ve felt his Presence, I’ve known his love, and I’ve been showered with his grace and awed in moments of pure worship. I’ve experienced Him! From that experience comes words of praise on my lips this morn for a God who has always been and always will be. As I begin a journey through the OT, my heart is thrilled to be given the opportunity to grow closer to, learn more about, and be guided by a God who is an ‘in the beginning God’! Join me in some praise this morn and come back to visit in the days ahead as we journey together. Amen!beginning

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