Beautiful friends

With each passing day of the week the burden of making a wise decision in a particular situation has pressed down its heavy weight on my shoulders. The stress culminated in a terrible Thursday. I walked into school troubled and let every struggle add to my misery. Before lunch a tension headache radiated pain through my skull. Throughout the day, I tried to let go and give it to God. I made a deliberate choice in my drive to school music choosing to praise God in the struggle along with Chris Tomlin. I cried out to God during the day for help with my souring attitude. Still my footsteps felt so heavy as I walked into our house last night.

Then God in his abundant love sent a friend my way. My lovely friend along with my husband and I talked through the decision. Once made the peace of God descended and my countenance improved drastically. I went to bed, had a great nights rest, and face this day without the heavy burden.

As I read through a passage this morning describing the special counselors King David surrounded himself with, one in particular stands out. Mentioned was his counselor, scribe, army commander, the one who took care of his sons, and the one who caught my eye.

“Hushai the Arkite was the king’s friend.” 1 Chronicles 27:33

Seven brief words, one sentence. Yet Hushai was without a doubt one of the key men in king’s circle. A man in David’s position had many counselors and acquaintances, but I wonder how many he would call friend.

Too often I take for granted the beautiful friends God has blessed me with. Today I want to hit pause and say thank you, Lord. Thank you for the wise counsel, love, and acceptance I find in my friends. While one sat with me last night, I know another has been praying for me this week knowing a decision was needed. Lord, I am so truly blessed by these wonderful ladies! God, help me to be a better friend to them and to others you place in my path. Amen!

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  1. Susan Carroll says:

    God is always good! Thank you for sharing your troubles and your triumphs with the Lord
    We all need reminders.

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