Am I speaking life?

What an awesome day I had with the youth Saturday at Holiday World’s Rock the World fest.  Yes, it was so hot I thought I would melt.  Yes, we spent nearly 2 hours in a dining room while storms passed over.  And, yes, I spent the next 2 days in bed with a terrible cold brought on by the extreme heat followed by standing in the rain.  Yet I would do it all again!  I loved riding water slides with some of our 7th grade gals, loved meeting Mandisa, and loved-loved-LOVED the performances- especially Mandisa & Toby Mac!  My favorite song of the night was ‘Eye on It’ by Toby Mac- man, those percussion guys showed talent!  The best part of the day though was watching hundreds of young people praise God!  Wow!

AS I read through Matthew 12, I was reminded of a quote Toby shared on stage… a quote that stirred him to write ‘Speak Life’.  Check it out-

Our words and actions carry such power… more than we often realize!  We either bring life or drain it with every word, action, and encounter.  Jesus spoke related words that make me pause this morning to reflect…

“Men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.”  Matthew 12:36

Ouch!  I wonder how many careless words I’ve spoken over the years.  I know I need to be more conscious of how I use my tongue.  I need to speak life into people with kind words and encouragement… even a friendly smile is a beginning.  Yesterday in class I caught myself telling a student who said something unkind to another one to ‘speak life’ instead. 

Dear Spirit, when the day of accounting comes, I want my careless words to be few.  I want my words in the ‘Speak Life’ column to multiply and grow geometrically (for my alg2 students- i.e. rapid growth).  Work in me!  Guide me!  Muzzle me when needed!  May I be ever mindful of how my encounters with others will either bring them life or drain it.. and let me choose wisely!  Amen!

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