Almost time to vote!

Soon the decision will be made as polls will open in just under 24 hours and the American citizens will have the opportunity to make their voices heard. Political analysts are busy making predictions, various discussions on politics flood the airways, and ads abound on every form of media.

The only question that remains to be answered is how the vote will go. The question that shouldn’t even come up is whether to vote. As a citizen it is not only my right but also my duty to carry out the responsibility of selecting our leadership. As a Christian it is my duty to be involved in deciding and then praying for our leaders.

As I read in the Bible this morning, the political arena in the US came to mind. Ahab, king of Israel, asked Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, now related by marriage to go to war with him as his ally. Jehoshaphat agreed but said he first wanted to seek the counsel of the Lord.

Ahab brought in 400 prophets who all told the kings to move forward with their plans for God would give them victory.

“But Jehoshaphat asked, “Is there not a prophet of the Lord whom we can inquire of?’” 2 Chronicles 18:6

Ahab had sought counsel from the prophets of an idol. Jehoshaphat wanted the counsel of God. So Ahab brought in Micaiah. This godly man foretold of Israel’s defeat and in so doing ended up in prison because he angered Ahab. Micaiah’s predictions came true and Ahab died in the battle he pursued.

The question for Americans, especially Christians, is this… have we sought godly counsel and prayed about whom to vote for? There are good people as well as not so good on each party ticket. I don’t write to sway one direction or another but to encourage my fellow Americans to pray, educate themselves, and then VOTE!

Lord, thank you for America. Even with her many flaws, I would still choose to be an American. Guide our nation tomorrow. Guide my hand and my vote. Thank you for being who you always are: the King of this Universe, no matter who sits in the Oval Office. Amen!


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