About me…

Christian, Wife, Mother, & Teacher. My writing and speakingĀ is enriched by my experiences in each of these roles. God gave me a wonderful husband 30 years ago- just don’t ask him about my memory because he will have way too much to say and I’m SURE some of it will be exaggerated! Mother for 28 years to 3 great children- what blessings and challenges they have brought to my life.. and of course many hilarious, sad, and difficult stories.


I love: God & his Word, Family, THE Church and My local Church, My Job, Reading, and Camping. About 20 years ago, I decided to get more serious about the Word. I’ve gone through a variety of study methods, Bible Studies, and journals. I LOVE the Word! It is alive! It changes lives! It reveals God’s character and his love! AND it is so applicable to our complex, busy, and messed up lives! Too many see the Bible as ancient history, old school, and hard to understand. Well, some of the parts can be hard to follow, but it is as useful today as it was when Paul wrote his letters to the churches of his day. In my blog, I share what God is teaching me as I move through the Bible. Come along on the journey with me!