What about her?

What a blessing to be in Nashville this week to attend the Lifeway Women’s Forum. I’m learning new things while being reminded of old truths, a true refreshing for my soul! As Lisa Jo Baker took the platform last night to deliver the evening address, she spoke into my heart words straight from the lips of God.

You see I found myself quite overwhelmed by the nearly 2000 very talented women called by God to work in the lives of women through a variety of avenues. The devil hit hard with the accusations, questions, and comparisons. He asked me, who do you think you are to be here? Then Lisa Jo took the mic and the devil was put back in his place.

Lisa Jo took us to John 21 where Jesus was talking to Peter. Remember that conversation where Jesus kept asking Peter if he loved him? At the end of the questions Jesus revealed to Peter how his life would end then he said to Peter again “follow me”. Then good old Peter jumped in and inserted his foot again, much the way I am prone to do.

“Peter turned around and saw the disciple Jesus loved following them, ‘Lord, what about him?’” John 21: 20-21

Jesus gave Peter a job, a commission to do his work. Yet instead of setting his sights on his ministry, he looked back to John to ask about his work. God spoke to my heart then to remind me he has a unique work for us all. My job is not to look around in comparison but to live my calling and minister to others in the way God has called me to using the gifts he uniquely gifted me with.

I wonder if there is anyone else out there who needs this word of encouragement too. God has called each of us to do his work, to spread the good news of the gospel, and to love all others more than ourselves. What I do looks different from what you do. What you do looks different from the person next to you. But when we put it all together each doing our own unique part, God is glorified!

Lord, thank you for being who you are! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your work. Lead me. Give me wisdom. Help me to persevere in what you have called me to do. May these words encourage others in their unique journey so that together we may lift up your name. Amen!

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