A kind strike

A few weeks ago as I was preparing to lead a new women’s Bible study, I received some constructive criticism from my husband. At the time, I totally missed the constructive part and only saw criticism. I tried to write it off, after all what does a man know about women’s ministry? Then I talked to a few others gently brining up the subject. Along the way I discovered startling news- he was right! (The struggle to cut those last 3 words is real for he will not let me forget them anytime soon!)

A verse in Psalms stepped off the page this morning in light of this recent conversation.

“Let a righteous man strike me- it is a kindness.” Psalm 141:5

At first the verse sounds harsh and contradictory. Yet the more I ponder it, the more truth I see. I am far from perfect yet I don’t like correction. I certainly took my husband’s words as a strike. Yet that strike was a kindness as he pointed out an area I needed to address.

My husband’s words and this verse give me two takeaways this morning. First, I need to work on accepting criticism with a better attitude. Second, I need to look for ways to be a better friend to others by gently offering guidance when it is needed. There are 2 sides to this verse and I want to be better on each.

Lord, thank you for sending righteous men and women to help refine me. Too often I bristle at criticism instead of soaking it in to be made better. Help me change my attitude. Help me be a help to others when you prompt me to gently guide them. Amen

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